QuickBooks Online (Essentials & Plus)

Register for your VIP QuickBooks Online introduction and set up session, and taught 1:1 via remote meeting by Katie. In order to register for your session, reserve a meeting space here (30 min-1 hr), and make sure you indicate whether you need Essentials or Plus (we do not provide demos for Simple Start).

  • 30 Day Free Trial Included
  • 50% Off Subscription for the Entire First Year
  • Taught/demonstrated personally by a Trainer Writer Network Member and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
  • If custom assistance after demo is needed or requested, quote will be provided prior to services being performed.

Talk about a rocket launch! I know I hate signing up for new software and having no idea which way is up or down. If you don’t want a demo, but would like a discounted QuickBooks Online subscription, just email me here and I’ll get you sorted. QuickBooks Online is a great way to set up your growing business for success. Track sales, sales tax and customer payments right in QuickBooks. Your QuickBooks data is backed up and protected in the cloud. With this anytime, anywhere, access, you are not limited to your office.

QuickBooks Online Comparison Chart (PDF)