Do you learn best by reading or hearing?  Do you prefer 1:1 or a group session? Online or in person? Combination? Recurring meetings or as needed? Train the trainer or individualized custom training?

I could keep going, but you get the picture. Different audiences need different training methods. We’ve trained in just every way imaginable, and are prepared to get you or your team up and running using spiral learning, Q&A sessions and reinforcement to get the important concepts cemented and understood.

Did you know that you will forget, on average, 40% of what you learn within 20 minutes? 20 minutes. I don’t need to explain why this makes reinforcement critical to the learning process.

We combine manuals with in-person training, and provide session summaries after every meeting. Our remote sessions are incredibly popular, and you also get the option of recording the information for later.

For implementation-related training and for group training we provide outlines of what we will cover, but also allow for adaptation to project and individual needs.

Whatever the situation, we can provide a custom plan to fit your business’ needs.