International Considerations

We’ve worked with international clients incorporating QuickBooks since 2012. Some of the bullet points you will want to consider as an international organization are below:

When purchasing QuickBooks for an international organization, you want to consider a few things:

  • QuickBooks Desktop is an English-language based product. You can rename many of the labels and create language specific templates for invoices and other forms, and many international organizations are successful using QuickBooks, especially if you have locations in different countries.
  • QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise support multi-currency. This means different customers can have different currency-based invoicing, and your reporting will be generated in your base currency.
  • If you need VAT you can purchase Canadian QuickBooks Enterprise. We can quote this for you. You can use the US version for VAT as well, but some clients do not want to use a workaround and prefer to have a VAT-module enabled product. Canadian QuickBooks is VAT enabled. We are not currently expecting the US version to incorporate VAT, but we are not privy to QuickBooks roadmap decisions.
  • If you have divisions, users, or locations in different locations or countries you will want to consider QuickBooks Hosting. This will enable everyone on your team to log into a VPN-type experience from any internet-connected location, and is easier than provisioning an in-house VPN network.
  • If you have local tax or regulatory requirements, we may be able to introduce you to a local QuickBooks consultant who can help. Just contact us.