Bookkeeping sounds simpler than it is. Let me correct that. Bookkeeping is not overly complex, but there are a few moving parts, and it is easy to pay attention to one thing and ignore something else. It takes a quiet mind, dedication, and a love of detail to get reports completed on time, and to make sure the chain is complete.

No, bookkeeping is not just bringing in a bank feed and posting it to an account.

You need source documents. No, a bank statement showing you went to the store is not sufficient – I know it makes sense, but it doesn’t show the detail you need. You need a receipt showing what items were purchased. Pulling source documents is typically something that our clients are responsible for, and we can provide reports to make this easier, and even show you how to attach the receipts to QuickBooks Online.

You need to track when things are due. Sales tax returns are due on a schedule, as are other returns depending on your entity and business. You need reports to generate these returns, and adding them up at 11 pm on the due date is not fun for anyone.

You have questions. Want to keep your own books? That’s great! If you have no experience keeping books then we can train you to keep your own, and even help keep things up to date while you work past your learning curve. Too busy? We can handle your books for you (however, you will still need to dedicate time to knowing your numbers and reports, and making sure you are in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations).

You need support, and there is no easier way to get support in your business than in engaging experienced and friendly bookkeepers who can enable you to get out and do what you do best.