Our Process

The below process outline is based on an implementation project. If you are engaging us for training, bookkeeping, or something simple, some of the below will not apply.

All projects start with a short discovery period. Since we¬†don’t know where the problems or needs are until we know the project, this is one of the most important steps in an implementation process (Step 1).

Our needs assessment and scoping process takes a full review of your current needs and goals, and puts together a practical plan to get there. You will be presented with a quote and pricing schedule. Our typical price structure consists of a 50%/50% plan (50% deposit at acceptance, and 50% payable upon completion). We do offer in-house financing to approved clients, and we take Paypal credit.

We are ready to go when you are (Step 2).

Once we receive your approved quote, deposit and/or project plan, we have already lightly planned the project based on your unique industry and solution needs, as well as on strategies and processes developed from earlier projects. The only thing left to do is tweak and launch.

During the project we are in steady, weekly communication, so that you know exactly where things sit.

While executing the project plan, we remain nimble and able to make changes as needed. (Step 3 – Adjustment)

It never fails – we both work hard to make sure we have the scope down pat, and halfway through you realize something was missed during discovery. We can adjust our plan and keep on rolling. Minor changes are included; major or material changes to scope will require a change order, but we can handle just about whatever you throw our way.

Once finished, we train. (Step 3 – Training)

We can provide role-based training broken down into module, and we typically also provide power user and reporting training to the admin/power user in your office. Trainings typically follow a weekly track, starting with an introduction to the program and followed by weekly Q&A/reinforcement sessions.

After you are up and running, we never stop supporting you. (Step 4 – Support)

Once a year we check in to make sure things are still running smoothly. You can call us for technical help as well as for account maintenance. We are your main point of contact. If we can’t help over email, we will provide escalation information or book a troubleshooting/training session.