Our Philosophy

In the 15+ years that we’ve been in business, and the 20 years I’ve worked in accounting, we’ve pivoted a few times, but always remained true to how we started and who I am – doing what we said we would do, providing black and white advice with candor and understanding, and treating others like we would ourselves. After all, it isn’t called the Golden Rule for nothing.

The best people I work with are not generally people I found by following the nearest billboard or expensive ad campaign. They are people who, like me, started out wanting to do something the right way and treating others well, and who haven’t quit doing that since. They are pros that I can call or text when I’m in a bind, who I know will be there for me in a flash.

I run my company the same way. We keep things simple. We recently started refreshing our website with an eye towards this goal. We’ve moved to a simple interface with lots of (coming) information based on what you are looking for today, with a way to quickly request information you can’t find. It’s functional, and easy to index, with a dash of personality and a lot of common sense.