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Use Peppermint To Stay Top of Mind

By Leah Swain, Contributor (Email me here)

Please note, this is post 5 of 6 on using the senses to market more effectively to customers in the retail environment.

In a food orientated store this is an easy sense to resolve. Samples, Samples, Samples!! Food samples should be available in an enticing display (see above) but also under cover and not open air unless they are being cooked and handed out immediately. Use the color reference above to design what colors to use. Yellow muffin cups holding a lemon tart is more appealing to the customer than a blue paper cup. Always provide tooth picks or an instrument to use for taking samples without touching them.

Retail apparel stores and businesses offer services may have a bit more of a challenge on their hands but fear not it is possible to captivate your customers as well.  Understand that even a customer who doesn’t make a purchase in your store should leave with something.  That will remind them of your store in the future. A simple basket of fresh fruit near the exit suggesting people “take one” will do the trick.

If you want to take it a step further use items that appeal to a person’s shopping experience.  Maybe some individual bags of trail mix in the hiking accessory isles or some assorted chocolates near the jewelry. Just be careful when putting out samples that contain nuts or other items that people may be allergic to. If possible, you should avoid nuts of all kinds and be sure to post ingredients in products that have been taken from the original packaging.

Peppermint is a wonderful candy to pass out to customers at the sales counter. It is proven that eating a peppermint while studying will help you retain that information better than not doing so. Use that to your advantage. Offer a peppermint to customers when passing out upcoming sales promotions. Not a fan of passing out candy? Peppermint can be used in another manner which brings us to our last sense, covered in our next post.

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