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Receiving A Customer Payment for More Than One Invoice; What To Do In QuickBooks Online

By Katie Bunschoten, Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor & Founder, KHBOffice LLC (Email me here)

QuickBooks is invoice-focused much of the time. You can create statements, but receiving payments through Intuit Payments is invoice-based. If you send 5 $10 invoices, the payment option defaults to paying them one at a time.

This is typically fine, but in some cases clients prefer to collect payments in a group.

“Why should I pay them individually, when it is easier to pay them in one lump sum?” – Paying Customer

You can in QuickBooks Online (QuickBooks Desktop, not yet).

First, make sure that your invoice is set up for payment. Click the relevant payment blocks (ACH / E-Check is typically less costly than credit card, but many clients prefer credit card).


Then, click Save and Send (green button in the bottom right – I accidentally clipped it off the above image). Your final confirmation dialogue box will pop up.


Your customer will then receive an email that looks like this:


They can click the pay button that will appear at the bottom of the email, and it will bring them to their own customer portal, where they can then pay the invoice.


Once they click “Pay Now” they will see this screen:


By default, clients can pay up to 12xs the amount of the invoice in this portal. So, for this $1 invoice, the customer can override the field to reflect up to $12. The admin on the QuickBooks Online account would then be prompted to allocate the overpayment amount the next time they sign into QuickBooks.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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