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Nellie Creates Group Items

By Leah Swain, Contributor

Please note this is the fifth in a series of posts on QuickBooks Point of Sale by our staff Point of Sale expert, Leah Swain.

People love the cookies and want to share them with their families! Soon customers begin asking for the recipe and purchase the ingredients from Nellie.  She is tired of finding the items each time and scanning every item. She decides to put all the ingredients together in a fancy basket with a recipe card and sell it as a whole set.  QuickBooks Point of Sale to the rescue! She can create a Group Item for the baskets and not have to open them to scan each ingredient at the checkout.

Creating Group Items

  • Manually create a new group item by selecting Group in the item type field.


  • Ener the information for the group item name, department, item description, regular price and cost.
  • Save


  • In the item list highlight the group item you just created. Click show details in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click the Group button next to the item type. Then click Edit Group in the lower right-hand corner
  • Enter in the items that will be grouped into the bundle. Save.


  • This item will be ready for sale. Unlike Assembly items they do not need to be built or broken to be available on hand.

Nellie has her department running smoothly, things couldn’t be better! Jonas on the other hand has seen what progress has been made and decides he needs to streamline the Men’s apparel side.  When he entered the Fall apparel for men he used the Vendor UPC File for importing.  It saved him a lot of time, however he now realizes he made a mistake.  When the file came over from the vendor it had the item number as the SKU, color code, and size all combined. This generated several items for one style of shirt and they are all named separately! This causes a major issue when he tries to change prices.  Instead of updating one Item he has to update dozens, each size of each color of each style! He wishes he could edit them all at once.  To do this he needs to edit or remove the items and re-enter them into a style grid.

Read on for our next post on how Nellie creates a style grid.

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