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New Bookkeeper Chronicles: QuickBooks Online and KHB is Better Than Excel.

By Kathie Beasley (Contributor)

I am a BB (baby bookkeeper). Who would have thought a debit could actually be a credit and vice versa; or if the chart of accounts aren’t created thoughtfully and carefully, a company’s books are forever in the muck; or if expenses aren’t correctly assigned to the correct account, your boss might make the wrong business decisions because of a bad report? Could you differentiate between a liability or expense; or a long term vs. a short-term asset? Could you confidently manually enter these postings and create your balance sheet and income statement?

Even after several courses, I may be able to manually keep a set of books, but it wouldn’t always be confidently. I know there would be mistakes and the time…whoa….my grandkids would be in college before I realized they weren’t still attending elementary school. Excel is great for a lot of things, but keeping a full set of books is not one of them.

While providing a good grounding in bookkeeping principles, I’ve also found that none of the bookkeeping courses I’ve taken really provided a practical approach to modern bookkeeping solutions. As a new bookkeeper, I was able to get some of my confidence in my new profession restored recently, and it was not through a course. It was through QuickBooks software and KHB. For my fellow new bookkeepers, I want to share my experience so far.

QuickBooks Online restores your confidence. With an array of automatic entries, reporting capabilities and checks and balances, you can assure your entries are correctly assigned.

If you’re reading this, there’s also a much personal approach. Call Katie, the president of KHBOffice. I’ve been so impressed with her knowledge of both QuickBooks and accounting (and her patience). She takes the time to walk you through any glitch you may have and show you a few tips and tricks that would make you exclaim, “Oh wow, I would never have thought of that!” I’ve been training with her for quite a while now, and it has made a huge difference. Even while I become more confident, it is always nice to have an ear to call when I’m facing a new situation or question.

So, while bookkeeping/accounting courses are great to expand your knowledge of bookkeeping/accounting principles and theory, keep in mind that Intuit’s accounting programs have many of the principles already in place, with a modern twist, saving you time and headaches. Take the time to either take a course or teach yourself the in’s and out’s of the accounting software you’ll be using. Intuit’s website has an array of resources and there are several readily available textbooks that will give you a good working knowledge of QuickBooks.

As I continue on the road to graduation as a CB, I look forward to working more with Katie and learning more about the wonderful timesavers incorporated into QuickBooks Online.

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