Katie’s Desk: October Is Here, and I’m Not Really Ready. Also, Announcing A Free Weekly QuickBooks Learning Opportunity.

I have been seeing the intermittent posts about different states in the US having snow…SNOW. Here in North Carolina, the closest we’ve come to snow is that one time I thought it might be sleeting, but it was actually just the morning fog rolling out while I drank coffee on our back deck.

It’s still hot here. Wait, hot isn’t the word. Abysmally and torridly humid and hot. We just now dropped into the high 80’s during the day, and on the low 80 degree days I want to throw on a sweater and roast smores over the fire pit in the backyard.

No, it still feels like July here, and seeing as my holiday decorations are starting to stare at me a bit too much, I feel like I should be doing more right now. Maybe plan our 3rd Annual Bunschoten Halloween Bash, or start putting the Thanksgiving recipes together. Do something other than sit here and complain that holidays are almost upon us!

Even though I may not be ready yet, the kids are. They’ve already pushed us into getting the candy corn more than once at the grocery (wait, was that the kids or the husband?), starting talking Halloween costumes, and have started making a list of the Harvest festivals we are going to on the weekends. (Spoiler – the first one up is Aw Shucks) – SODA SHOP!.

I love spending time at our local farms. Since moving to our own small farm this year (8 chickens, 2 ducks, 3 farm dogs, an herb/kitchen garden and plans for expansion next year into a one acre garden and possibly dairy goats), the importance of local and sustainable farming has become a passionate hobby of mine, and getting the experience of building my second business from the ground up has brought back home the excitement, anxiety, planning and downright gritty determination that I remember going through when I started KHB years ago. Starting a business is like having a child. Once they get older (and easier), you sometimes forget the challenges that came with the first one. Starting a small scale homestead has reminded me of how special a new business can be, and has made me more appreciative and empathetic of the hard work that our clients go through every day building theirs.

Because of this, I had an idea. I want to see how many people would be interested in a group Q&A with me once a week for a month to discuss startup bookkeeping and QuickBooks questions. No charge, but it will be group format. If you are interested, fill out the Google form here, and I’ll follow up soon.

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