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QuickBooks Multi Store v12 Exchange (Yearly)

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QuickBooks Multi Store v12 Exchange (Yearly)

QuickBooks Point of Sale Exchange provides for information to be transmitted between remote stores and Headquarters. The service will be unlocked shortly after purchase.

About Exhange

The term Store Exchange refers to the transfer of data between your remote stores and Headquarters. Data is sent between stores in a compressed file called a "mailbag" (compressed to reduce transmission file size and time).

Store Exchange has two components: Store Exchange Out to create and send mailbags, and Store Exchange In to process mailbags that have been received.

When a remote store is first installed, a store exchange file from Headquarters is required to initialize the remote with the company inventory, preferences, and security settings. Thereafter, it is recommended that Store Exchange be run daily between each remote store and Headquarters. This ensures that each store can view current item quantities available at other stores, that Headquarters is updated with the daily POS transactions from each store, that company reports are current, and that remotes receive new data files, including inventory updates, vendor lists, customer lists, purchase orders, and changes in security or preferences settings from Headquarters.

Daily exchanges also allow Headquarters to keep QuickBooks Financial Software records current.