Industry Specializations

We can work, and have worked, in just about every industry possible, but there are some industries where we shine even brighter:

Agri-Business & Specialty Food

Tracking specialized tax reporting requirements for your advisor, structuring the accounting to make sure you are costing out the important parts of your business, and helping to provide good reporting for use with seasonal planning and budgeting is important. Even payroll is sometimes subject to different reporting requirements. We are excited to work with clients in these unique fields.


We have worked with dozens of construction companies, and approximately 20% of our client base are in or are related to the construction field. We can help track WIP, payroll burden, and other job costing requirements, while helping to adopt accounting policies and technology that will bring your company into the future.

Hotels & Hospitality

We have a Certified Hospitality Accountant (CHA) and Certified ProAdvisor with 20+ years of accounting industry experience, who can help your organization launch your software on the right foot. Combine our training track with our streamlined implementation services for a project completed correctly the first time.

Service Companies

Maintaining communication and reporting between trucks in the field and the professionals that drive them is hard work, but we have you covered. We can help put in inventory tracking processes, field payment processes and more.


Whether a church, general non-profit, HOA, or something different, we have years of experience in preparing Board reports, working with internal auditors, and more.

Professional Services

We can help you determine which clients are profitable (and not), keep your accounts effective and concise, and even help with add on services to help you be more efficient with less time.

Property Management, Real Estate Holdings & Realtor Accounting

We have a former Realtor on staff, and can make sure investments and loans, tenants, as well as associated accounts are properly set up or accounted for and ready for your tax advisor at year end.

Wholesale, Retail & ECommerce

Retail accounting is some of the most challenging accounting there is, and with the explosion of E-Commerce technologies, being able to coordinate feeds from multiple places (POS, Websites, Trade Shows and more), and to be able to keep sales tax filed and on path is crucial. Not identifying sales tax transactions correctly can reverberate through your file, and as your company grows handling these transactions can be challenging.