Financing Available

We offer financing for approved clients for both in-house implementations and QuickBooks Purchases via the following options. 

Paypal Credit: We take Paypal credit. This is a line of credit provided by Paypal to enable you to buy now and pay later. 

In-House Financing (Services Only): For implementations, catch up bookkeeping and other projects we can finance your project cost for up to 3 months. Application required.

To opt for Paypal Credit, just choose "Paypal Credit" during check out.

To opt for In-House Project Financing, email us  and let us know you need a quote. Payment schedule will be attached to your proposal. If a payment is late, any in-progress work will be halted, and if no payment is made the remainder of the payment schedule will be submitted to collections, and additional fees will be assessed. This service is provided for the benefit of our clients.