Raise your hand if you use a CRM…

Raise your hand if you use a newsletter service…

Raise your hand if you use, Wufoo, or any other number of small business friendly apps to make your day easier.

That’s a lot of hands.

Innovation has both driven and limited our time. By new applications coming out every day, focusing on the niche needs that are hard to cover as an all-in-one solution, we are enabled, as users, to set up our workday and style as we see fit. We don’t have to use one software and make everything fit into a system that someone else designed. Like a puzzle, we get to put the pieces together ourselves, and that makes life wonderful.


Other times, it means that there is some double entry, unless you know how to code.

Now enter one of my favorite tools, Zapier.

Zapier’s premise is that it takes information entered in one system, and by using something simple, called a zap, it takes that information and creates a task, entry, or item in another system.

To make the process even better, it’s completed through a non-coder friendly interface, great for those of us whose greatest accomplishment in the coding world is creating a black and white html text page.

I like it because it’s simple, it doesn’t require finding a techie, and you can save time on double entering things you need. It supports hundreds of different apps, and as far as error reporting, so far it has worked great.

On occasion, my zap from my constant contact to my CRM was hitting a bump, and when that happened, Zapier automatically pinged me an email, so I knew when I needed to step in.

There is also a free version, so you can try it out to see if it will work for you. And yes, you can use it for QuickBooks, which gives me my bona fide reason to plug it on the blog.

Sometimes I run into a tool I get so excited about, I can’t wait to tell everyone, and this is one of them. Check it out (and no, I didn’t get swag/money/a pony to talk about them).