QuickBooks Plus (not to be confused with QuickBooks Online Plus version - this one is the Desktop upgrade for Pro and Premier) is very much like setting yourself up with a little extra VIP oomph when you buy your program. 

Pro and Premier can and are traditionally purchased as a standalone, buy once and it's good for 3 years, sort of software. With plus, you gain a couple of extra features, including:

  • Super duper support 24/7 with QuickBooks Support Experts (typically, tier 2 - not always US based, though)
  • Automatic data backups for your programs (always handy, but make sure you take the time and configure it, or you will regret it later!)
  • Free upgrades. This is much like they offer with Enterprise, but for Pro and Premier.

Saying the above, there is a big caveat.... you are buying a subscription if you go with Plus on either Pro or Premier. Much like Enterprise, your program will quit working if you do not renew this extra service each year. While your data remains yours, if this happens you will need to contact us or another ProAdvisor or accountant to unlock the data file that will still be on your pc.

My recommendation: If you don't mind SaaS and subscription, and do like a number to call without being asked to pay for a support plan, go with Plus. If you want to buy, get your maintenance updates, call us or your accountant on occasion for help, then go with the regular version.

If your Plus lapses, you can buy the traditional version and restore your data. It's mainly a matter of personal preference.