TSheets has an amazing integration into QuickBooks Online. Unfortunately, there isn't a great explanation of how the sync works. After fielding a number of questions on this, I'm going to walk you through the process and things to remember on the QuickBooks and TSheets sync. If you work in consulting and need to bill time to clients, this should be of particular interest to you!

Sidenote - I don't have a demo environment handy for TSheets, so I've put in screenshots where I can. Otherwise, you will need to just go off of my (hopefully) straightforward instruction!

Things to remember:

1. If you bill time to clients, you have to approve the time before it falls on your Unbilled Charges or Unbilled Time Reports (I may or may not have found this out the hard way). 

2. If you have a weird work week schedule, like us (Sat-Friyay), keep in mind the sync goes off of a different week. Using point 1 and 2 together, this means that if your billing date falls mid-week, you either need to wait until the week is over or accept that un-billed charges will be off by a few days, and catch it up on the next cycle.

3. You can't change TSheets time anywhere except in the Approve Time window. If you try, you may affect QB, but not TSheets

To set up the sync, go to your Apps tab and set it up. There are also little "TSheets" prompts all over the place. If you have trouble, let me know. The purpose of this post is more for how to approve time than for how to set up the first sync, so if you need directions for that part, let us know. 

Once you set up TSheets and QB and get used to the integration (it's awesome, but sometimes can be a little touchy), you can start approving time. As with any integration, I suggest double checking your numbers starting out, in case of any issues.

To approve time, go to the upper right hand corner of QBO, to the Quick Create Button, and click "Approve Time" - highlighted below.

Once you click there, it brings you to this screen (make sure you check TSheets sync log and that time has come over). Ignore the crude redaction marks! You can expand the rows, edit if needed, and approve by line or as a batch. See how the week in the top left has stuck to a Mon-Sun calendar week? Not by my choice (unless I've missed something).

Once you approve and close, your unbilled time will show up on your unbilled charges and time reports. You can also go to Employees-> Payroll and the hours for non-salaried employees should pop up automatically (but double check the hours against TSheets).

I find it handy to go into TSheets, go to the Client list, and go to defaults. You can link certain revenue items to clients, and even make certain choices like billable and non-billables statuses the only choices available to employees. This is really helpful if your staff may not know what items or statuses go to which client automatically. The below snapshot is what shows when you go to TSheets, Client List, then click the pencil icon.

I will come back and update as I have more to add to this post. If you have questions, or I have something inaccurate, just let me know and I will fix. Hopefully, this helps you get your sync to show up where you expect it, and enables you to take advantage of this great integration. I'm relatively new to it, so I definitely plan on adding to this post as I work with it more.

Thanks for reading, and speak soon.