On January 31st, QuickBooks made updates to Store Exchange which effectively deprecated V10 and below POS Multi-Store programs that use Store Exchange to transmit information between stores and headquarters.

What is Store Exchange? Store exchange is a packet file with data that is swapped between your main (Headquarters or Corporate) store and your Remote (subsidiary or non-hub) stores (up and down or sideways transfers - think of it as your electronic Hogwarts train station). QuickBooks compresses activity into this packet (they call it a mailbag - reminds me of the Pony Express), and enables your corporate store to keep track of company activity.

Anyone with multiple retail locations is possibly using Store Exchange. Like the financial sync, there is an initial exchange, and daily exchanges. The first exchange syncs inventory and preferences, and a few other things. The daily sync transfers changes that have occurred since the initial sync.

If you ever are in one location and need to see if that popular red shirt you have sold out of is available at a sister location, you are enjoying Store Exchange's benefits. Plus, in order to sync all location performance to QuickBooks, you generally need Store Exchange. It usually costs about $20 a year and is worth its weight in gold.

The alert was delivered in the bottom of your POS dashboard, but did not take effect until 2/1 (hence the timing of this post).

To see which version you currently are on, go to your Help Menu, and go to "About QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale." You will see a version of the following screen:

The two numbers you are concerned with are highlighted. You want to be on v11 or above. Make sure you are on the latest release, and you should be fine. 

If you need to upgrade, check out our POS section here or email sales.