The quiet before Monday chaos takes hold is the best time for me to try to gather my thoughts for the week and to organize a weekly plan. Case in point: it is almost 24 hours since this video was taken, and I'm just now getting to the blog post!

Whether you are an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, manager or employee, taking a few moments of time for yourself early Monday should be a given. Some of the items I try to organize for myself are as follows. These are just ideas - try and see what works for you.

1. Outstanding tasks. Whether they are in a CRM, in your email, or in your head, one of the biggest mistakes we can make is misallocating time to complete our tasks. Maybe you plan to knock out that project, but in reality it will take 10-12 hours. That's two days of your week, poof! Or, you have multiple little items, when in reality you need to put aside an afternoon to get them wrapped. 

The most important thing you can do is to be able to count your To Do's as done at the end of the week. Too often we just count them as worked on, which means they are still To Do's for next week.

2. Errands and trips. Whether it is visiting a client, or running to Office Depot, make sure you place time in advance for travel & preparation. Never enter a meeting unprepared. Give yourself the gift of time to make sure you are prepared, fresh, and on-time.

3. Goals. Whether you are trying to learn a new software, catch a webinar, or read a book, make sure that you are not being reactive with your time. Set aside time to work on your goals. It helps prevent burn out, and makes sure you don't become stagnant in your life or career.

4. Open customer service items. That small customer issue that gets called in on Monday is unexpected and means some calls. Leaving it to later because it is a small problem at the time sends the message that you don't care about resolving your client's issue. Handle the problem on time. To do so, you need to plan accordingly.

Reacting to constant fires is not success. Preventing some of the fires, and handling the rest before they they become emergencies is.

Interested to see what I spend my day on? A usual day for me is broken down into the following:

2 hours Team Coaching
1 hour Internal administration (Billing, financial planning, productivity reviews etc)
2 hours New client calls & support questions
3 hours Marketing, Blogging & Planning work
8 hours Total Time

Is this exact? Of course not. My Monday is the other side of the moon compared to my Friday. However, most days follow a pattern, and when these numbers start to get a little nuts, I know it's time to get help by delegating.

The point is, we don't know if we are short on time if we don't put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard. The more you plan to be prepared, the more you will be. If you need help, get it. Delegation > burnout every day.