QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum is made for businesses with specialized inventory needs. The Advanced Inventory module can work with multiple warehouse location tracking, FIFO, serial numbers, bin and lot tracking, and more. It has a ton of features for the inventory savvy organization. Saying this, having the ability to add on peripherals to help manage inventory more effectively is always a boon, and in some cases, historically, the only way to do so was to also use a separate warehouse management system. Not any longer!

The barcode scanner has been available in previous editions. Many types of scanners are supported, and we recommend the Honeywell 1300, since it is the supported version for our QuickBooks Point of Sale offering as well. Just click inside the field, scan, and the item will generate.

New in 2018 - Enterprise supports a few different mobile tracking options. You have the CipherLab 8000 scanner, which can count inventory during physical inventory counts. You can enter in unit counts and more, bring the scanner to the cradle, and the numbers will update your software for you. In the past, I've used the CL scanner to do physical counts for the point of sale offering, but I've not used it for the Enterprise version. It was pretty exciting to see that it is supported this year.

While we don't sell it currently (keep watching, though!), you can also use a Motorola MC40 scanner, which also can handle pick lists and more, while not being tied to a laptop. It is generally available at a higher price point, however. You can view a video on this offering below:

No matter what your preference, there are even more ways to be on the go and productive with your warehouse activities. Questions or comments please email me @ kbunschoten [at] 

*Please note that at the time of this writing I am waiting for my test scanners to arrive. I will add additional photos and additional information as soon as I can run them through their paces and draft a full review.