So...drumroll...QuickBooks Online and Time Tracking is about to get better. In this great article by Techcrunch, benefits of the merge include removing friction - which, to this ProAdvisor, seem to indicate additional streamlining of the "Approve Time" workflow in QuickBooks Online. 

As a rare "in-product" app, TSheets already exists within the QuickBooks Online environment. By going to the Quick Create Button (top right, looks like a plus sign "+"), you can Approve Time that is tracked via TSheets, and imported over in real time. Once time is approved it then carries over to other fields, such as "Hours Worked" in the payroll module, the Un-Billed Charges and Un-billed Time Reports, and more. You can see a detailed run down of the approval process here.

The sync can be a little glitchy on occasion - my main issues have all been a result of duplicate vendor/employee names - but is generally strong. With the acquisition in progress I am keen to see how it affects the user experience within QuickBooks Online, and if similar use will carry over into the Desktop versions of QuickBooks. As a power user and Reseller I am definitely excited.

TSheets is already a highly recommended product by our team around the area of mobile time tracking. Personally, I have found the ability to set up default billing settings within the time tracking module to be an incredible value add for clients as well.

For the full Intuit press release you can click here.