I do have a small confession to make. I don't watch football a lot, but we had good friends coming over, and it was (coincidentally) Super Bowl weekend. Lacking much inspiration on what we could do (unless we wanted to break out the earlier mentioned Trivial Pursuit), we decided to have an impromptu and tiny Super Bowl Party. FULL confession - the last Super Bowl Party I hosted involved my church and my being driven by my mom in 1992 to help the youth group host a church super bowl party in Berryville, Virginia. As mentioned - I don't watch much football. Quietly happy that the Eagles won, though.

My husband watches pretty regularly, though, and I was pretty focused on cheering for the right team - didn't want to be that person. At one point someone made a Falcons reference, and I died a little inside thinking for some reason I had thought it was the Eagles playing. It was. Duh. (I'm one of those people who always hears their family say, she is soo book smart. Code for....she's a complete dufus in real life).

Moving on... in focusing all of my effort on being a good host and on not looking like a complete idget, I almost missed the QuickBooks/Intuit Super Bowl commercial. What is that giant doing? Ooh, skip button. See it now. Ok. Aw, cute! 

I loved the commercial, but was a little intrigued as to where the giant fit in. "I don't remember a giant. Was it a movie reference? Maybe just because giants are super cool? AI? Mars? Huh?" Afterward I figured I needed to check out where this giant originated from. Hello, Google. (No, literally. I have a Pixel 2. I squeezed and said, "Hello, Google.")

Short story short, I did find the original video, and it was so precious I had to watch it twice. Without spoiling it more than I have already, check it out below (embedded from YouTube).