About Me

Building a business is an extremely rewarding, frustrating, and long term process.


How do I know this? I did not start as an entrepreneur. I started out as a file clerk for a large construction management company in 2001, and before that worked part time as an accounting clerk in a chicken production plant. It looked easy then.

In 2006 I moved away from the corporate world. I'd gotten 5 years of experience and decided cubicles were not my thing, and, like a lot of new bookkeepers, spent a great deal of time helping my friends with small businesses get set up on accounting software (QuickBooks) and keep their books each month. I built a name for myself, and decided to join the ProAdvisor program. 

Fast forward to 2012, and I decided that I'd focus on growing a business doing what I was already doing - helping small businesses. I'd seen other business owners build theirs, and it looked pretty straightforward. Build a reputation, get some business cards, heck - go to BNI - and let's do this thing.

Guess what? Being a small business owner was a kick in the butt. It was hard (and still is - I'm writing this coming off of a working weekend), being an employer is tough (I was not born to be a manager)and it was easier to find people with well-meaning but not always applicable advice than it was to find a Starbucks.

Saying that, I'd never do anything else. Hearing a client tell you you've done a great job, that you've just taken a huge load of stress off of their plate, or have helped them reach a new "Ahaa" moment is something that has no comparison. I live off of that stuff. Plus, I'm extremely blessed to have seen the accounting field evolve from file rooms to file corners, and sometimes no paper files at all.

Checks are now less common, and bank feeds can automate a lot of the drudgery, so that as an accounting professional I can focus on helping my clients use that data to make decisions, instead of just aggregate their year in order to fill out a tax return. And during this journey of mine QuickBooks, has been at the forefront.

My world in 2018 continues to ride this wave of advancement, and I'm excited to use my abilities to help my clients and new bookkeepers and accountants get on board as well.

My favorite apps at the moment are (in no particular order):

  • QuickBooks - there are competitors, but to me QuickBooks understands their customer like no one else. For the price point the functionality is very robust, and you can't argue with experience. Plus, it integrates with more apps that any other accounting software out there (that I know of).
  • HubDoc - easy to use, great interface for importing backup from clients and pushing to QuickBooks.
  • Autoentry - It can rip data from pdf faster than you can say Go. This tool has literally cut my project time in half. I have a particular admiration for the bank rec tool.
  • Google Apps - I've got the Google phone (Pixel 2 Plus - love it), the Google Apps, the Google Adwords, and am particularly amazed by Google Inbox. If you don't have it, Google it.
  • Transaction Pro Importer - have always loved this one. One of our first "add on" apps to use, and we have followed it from the Desktop days to Online. Never fails to get the job done.
  • LedgerSync - Check and deposit images are a major pain for bookkeepers to pull. This app can rip check and deposit images from just about any bank (if you need more than the first page of your deposit, though, you will need to go dig still).

My timeline/stats in a nutshell:

  • 18+ years accounting experience, 12 of them QuickBooks specific (I've also worked with Intacct, AS400, and a few custom Oracle systems, among others)
  • Finalist and Grad, Aviatra Accelerators, 2012
  • Oh, the QuickBooks Certifications (ProAdvisor Profile)
    • Advanced Certified, QuickBooks Online
    • Advanced Certified, QuickBooks Desktop
    • Certified, QuickBooks Enterprise
    • Certified, QuickBooks Point of Sale


I Few Things I Wrote: